Spray Foam Insulation in Connecticut, Westchester County, NY and Rhode Island

Spray Foam Insulation in Connecticut, Westchester County, NY and Rhode Island

When Waterproofing is Needed in Connecticut & Westchester, NY

Signs of insufficient basement waterproofing can include unexpected flooding, pools or puddles, inadequate drainage, too much moisture or humidity and more. If you haven't had your basement inspected or updated for waterproofing issues, it's a matter of time before you could face a messy situation.

While the problem might be as trivial as drops pouring through hairline gaps or a faint musty odor, it's critical to acknowledge and address it sooner than later. Neglecting an inadequately waterproofed basement can result in major water damage, structural issues to your home, mold contamination and other headaches. Superior Spray Foam Insulation should be your first and last call for basement waterproofing.

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When Basement Waterproofing Fails, Superior is Your Solution in White Plains, NY

Water Can Pose a Threat to the Structural Integrity of a Home

Basement waterproofing issues can go easily unnoticed if the area is relegated to storage and is not an extra living space. If it's finished and well lit, used for entertaining or an extra bedroom, routine visual inspection for waterproofing issues is easier. A basement also stabilizes and balances the floor(s) above it. 

Superior Spray Foam Insulation provides a variety of basement waterproofing services for outside walls and stainless interiors. Our waterproofing decreases the likelihood of water damage, wall cracking, chalking, and mold or other fungal growth in rainy seasons. Call 203-442-9171 to learn more basement waterproofing, free estimates and to arrange a consultation.

Signs to Call Superior For Basement Waterproofing in Connecticut

Exterior wall waterproofing is widely required by law for basements, but most older homes lack exterior waterproofing treatments. All homes with basements can be vulnerable, but some exterior waterproofing is more effective for longer, depending on soil, climate, ground slope away from the dwelling, or other factors. Signs that you should call Superior Spray Foam Insulation for professional assistance with basement waterproofing include:

When is it Time to Consider Basement Waterproofing Necessary for Your Home

Water stains: Groundwater seeping through cracks, unattended interior leaks, overflows or flooding, appliance or other water damage can all leave this evidence. Any water stain that has been present, even for more than a few days, should send up a red flag. Don't delay having water stains inspected for deeper issues.

Unpleasant odors: A distinct musty, damp odor in your basement, as opposed to the rest of the home, should always be investigated. Humidity from appliances (washing machines, water heater, or sink) can keep basements without proper ventilation from moisture evaporation or the humidity level from remaining reasonable or comfortable.

Efflorescence (white sparkles): Powdery white stains on basement walls or floors can reflect light, but aren't what you want to see. The lime in your cement has broken down from too much basement moisture and needs waterproofing.

Consequences of Not Trusting Superior For Basement Waterproofing in Harrison, NY

What Can Happen if the Building Is Not Waterproof
  • Structural integrity: Construction projects may suffer structural damage due to poor or insufficient waterproofing of the roof and concrete.
  • Leaks, cracks, etc.: Cracks in the foundation or joints exposed to water can lead to more serious structural problems. These include leaks, spalling, and deterioration.
  • Rot, warp, discoloration: These are common waterproofing problems that are difficult to reverse. If wood surfaces, materials or furniture are prevalent, moisture from the penetration of water will lead to rotting or delamination of wood.
  • Mold contamination: Exposure can lead to allergies, asthma, irritation, and fungal infections. Studies indicate water leakage in buildings poses a health hazard, and about 50 health hazards are linked to damp stains, excess water, unclean conditions, etc.

Rely on Superior Spray Foam Insulation for Basement Waterproofing in Waterford, CT

Superior Spray Foam Insulation offers innovative technologies for waterproofing all types of structures. Our spray-applied waterproofing products prevent water leaks and moisture penetration into new and existing structures. Additional services we provide include roofing, siding, windows replacement, and many more. Call 203-442-9171 or contact us online to learn more about our basement waterproofing services, inquire about free estimates, or to arrange a consultation.