Spray Foam Insulation in Connecticut, Westchester County, NY and Rhode Island

Spray Foam Insulation in Connecticut, Westchester County, NY and Rhode Island

Advantages For Using Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, highly effective insulation material, closed-cell spray foam insulation fit the bill. Closed cell insulation is made from a polyurethane foam that’s sprayed onto an area to provide insulation. However, while open-cell insulation cures into a soft, spongier material, closed-cell insulation cures into a harder, more rigid state. Closed cell  insulation material has its own unique advantages, which affect the applications for which each type is best suited. In the previous blog, we discussed some of the main benefits of open-cell insulation. To give you a more comprehensive idea of which insulation is right for your home, we’ll now dive into the main advantages of closed-cell spray foam insulation.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation has a High R-Value

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

When you’re determining which insulation material to choose, R-value should always be a top consideration, as it denotes the material’s insulation power. When it comes to R-value—or an insulation material’s capacity to resist heat flow—closed-cell spray foam insulation is hard to beat. It has an impressive R-value of 7 per inch, making it the third-highest insulation material in terms of R-value. To provide some perspective, that’s roughly three points higher than open-cell insulation (4 per inch), fiberglass batts (2.9 to 3.8 per inch), and cellulose (3.1 to 3.8 per inch).

Serves as a Moisture Barrier

Closed-cell insulation is composed of cells that are pressed together and completely closed. As a result, air and moisture are unable to infiltrate and pass through the foam. The ability of closed-cell spray foam insulation to serve as an effective moisture barrier has many benefits for homeowners. For one, it will prevent moisture from entering one’s home and causing rust or mold to form. In addition, the moisture barrier will also protect one’s home from damage in the case of a flood or leak, as the spray foam insulation won’t absorb any water.

Long Lasting

Another key advantage of closed-cell spray foam insulation is that it’s extremely long-lasting. Most other insulation types degrade and become less effective over time, but closed-cell spray foam insulation doesn’t lose its R-value over time. When installed correctly, it can last for several decades in mint condition. As such, it’s a great investment for homeowners because it can increase the value of their homes for years to come.

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